Hiring Foreigners

Statement of intention to work, work permits

UNDERGROUND offers support for employers with applying for all kinds of work permits and help with all formal requirements regarding obtaining statements.

UNDERGROUND services include:

  • filing a proper application
  • making a list of required documents and helping with acquiring them
  • submission of the application in your name to the office
  • accompanying with you if your personal presence is required (eg. leaving fingerprints in the documents or collection of staying card from the office)
  • receiving all your correspondence regarding official affairs, including the administrative decision after its issuance
  • sending official replies to office’s questions, making statements and explanations in your name, collecting and delivering to the office other required documents from places like ZUS (social security), fiscal offices and KRK (National Penal Registry)
  • personal supervision of your administration process in order to make waiting time as short as possible
  • providing full information about the progress of your affairs,
  • reminding about need to renew expiring permits